Catfish TV Show Season 4 Links

Season 4, Episode 20 Links: Brittany and Bryon

episode 20 Brittany and Bryon Brittany Culler on Facebook
Heather on Plenty of Fish

Season 4, Episode 19 Links: Devan and Rylan

episode 19 Devan and Rylan Devan Witt on Facebook
Devan Witt on Meet Me
Savanah Woodcock on Facebook

Season 4, Episode 18 Links: Hundra and Emily

episode 18 Hundra and Emily Hundra Campfort on Facebook
Hundra Campfort on Twitter
Hundra Campfort on MySpace
Geralyn Aponte on Twitter
Geralyn Aponte on Facebook
Geralyn Aponte on Instagram (private)
Geralyn Aponte on Pinterest

Season 4, Episode 17 Links: Ayissha and Sydney

episode 17 Ayissha and Sydney Ayissha Wright on Facebook
Ayissha on Plenty of Fish
Ayissha on Instagram (private)
Sydney Snell on Facebook
Sydney Snell on Twitter
Sydney Snell on Instagram

Season 4, Episode 16 Links: Andria and David

episode 16 Andria and David Andria Brown on Facebook
"Geo Stain" on Facebook
"Geo Stain" on Twitter (private)

Season 4, Episode 15 Links: Thad and Sara

episode 15 Thad and Sara Thaddius Robinson on Facebook
Sara Marie Peccia on Facebook
Sara Marie on Twitter
Sara Marie on Instagram
Sara Marie on Tumblr
SMarie Photography
Ashley Pietrowicz arrest record
Ashley Pietrowicz on Facebook (not verified)
Ashley Pietrowicz on MySpace (not verified)
Ashley Pietrowicz on Pinterest

Season 4, Episode 14 Links: Prophet and Trinity

episode 14 Prophet and Trinity R. Prophet on Twitter
R. Prophet on Instagram
Ryan Prophet on Facebook
Ex-Nappy Roots Rapper Tased and Sprayed During Violent 4/20/13 Arrest
Rapper R. Prophet Pleads Not Guilty In Bloody Arrest
R. Prophet's GoFundMe Page
R. Prophet KickStarter Solo Album Project
R. Prophet Single "FlyBoi"
Crystal Ramsey, school support staff

Season 4, Episode 13 Links: Falesha and Jacqueline

episode 13 Falesha and Jacqueline Falesha Sapko on Twitter
Falesha Sapko on Facebook
Falesha Sapko on Instagram (private)
Falesha Sapko on MySpace
Tracey Armah on Twitter
Tracey Armah on Facebook (1)
Tracey Barbie on Facebook (2)

Season 4, Episode 12 Links: Tiana and James

episode 12 Tiana and James Titi "Tiana" Renee on Facebook
Titi Renee on Instagram (private, not verified)
Gregory Johnson aka "Klassified" on Twitter
Gregory Johnson on Facebook
Klassified music video on Vimeo

Season 4, Episode 11 Links: Steven and Samm

episode 11 Steven and Samm Steven on Twitter
Steven on Facebook
Steven on Instagram
Samm on Twitter
Samm on Instagram
Samm on Facebook (1)
Samm on Facebook (2)
Samm on YouTube
Samm on Model Mayhem

Season 4, Episode 10 Links: Blaire and Markie

episode 10 Blaire and Markie Blaire on Twitter
Blaire on Facebook (1)
Blaire on Facebook (2)
Markie on Twitter
Markie on Facebook (1)
Markie on Facebook (2)
Markie on Instagram

Season 4, Episode 9 Links: Jamey and Ari

episode 9 Jamey and Ari Ari on Twitter (1)
Ari on Twitter (2)
Ari on Instagram
Ari on Facebook
Jamey on Twitter (1)
Jamey on Twitter (2)
Jamey on Facebook
The Choice To Disclose Her Transgender Status On 'Catfish' Started A Conversation About Real Love

Season 4, Episode 8 Links: Whitney and Bre

episode 8 Whitney and Bre Brenell Williams on Twitter (private)
Brenell Williams on YouTube
Brenell Williams on Photobucket

Season 4, Episode 7 Links: Stephanie and David

episode 7 Stephanie and David Stephanie Naima Luna on Twitter
Stephanie Naima Luna on Facebook
Stephanie on Instagram (private)
Stephanie on YouTube
Dawuan Thomas on Facebook
Cayron on Tumblr
Cayron on Twitter

Season 4, Episode 6 Links: Felipe and Jasmin

episode 6 Felipe and Jasmine Felipe Diaz on Facebook (1)
Felipe Diaz on Facebook (2)
Felipe Diaz on MeetMe
Paris on Twitter
Paris on Instagram
Paris on Facebook
Luis on Twitter
Luis on Instagram
Luis on Facebook
Alex on Instagram
Alex on Facebook

Season 4, Episode 5 Links: Chitara and Priscilla

Nev talks to Alex Shaffer Chitara Purefoy on MySpace (1)
Chitara Purefoy on MySpace (2)
Chitara on Instagram (private)
Chitara on Tumblr
Chitara on Twitter (1)
Chitara on Twitter (2)
Chitara Purefoy on Photobucket
Chitara Purefoy on Explore Talent
Chitara Purefoy on
Kiloni Lee on Twitter
Ashanti on Facebook (not verified)

Season 4, Episode 4 Links: Daisy and Marcus

Nev and Tyler Oakley Daisy Moniz on Facebook
Daisy Moniz on Instagram (private)
Daisy Moniz on Twitter
Daisy Moniz on Google+
Daisy Moniz on MySpace
Marcus Measimer on Twitter
Marcus Measimer on Facebook
Marcus Measimer on Vimeo
Marcus Measimer on YouTube
Marcus Measimer on Instagram (private)
Blog by Marcus Measimer
Marcus Measimer on Google+

Season 4, Episode 3 Links: Harold and Armani

Harold, Angel and Nev Harold Lebron Scott on Facebook
Harold Lebron Scott on Twitter
Harold on Instagram
Harold Lebron Scott on Soundcloud
Harold on Vine
Tamila Hobbs on BlackPlanet
Tamila Hobbs on Twitter
Tamila Hobbs on BeRecruited

Season 4, Episode 2 Links: Courtney and Isaak

Courtney Courtney Marie on Instagram
Courtney Marie on Twitter
Courtney Marie on Tumblr
Isaak's Therapeutic Massage (screenshot)

Season 4, Episode 1 Links: Miracle and Javonni

Nev, Miracle and Charlamagne tha God Miracle Hunt on Twitter
Miracle Hunt on Facebook (1)
Miracle Hunt on Facebook (2)
Miracle Hunt on Instagram
Javonni Santos on Instagram
Jonathan Coleman on Twitter
Jonathan Coleman on Instagram