Catfish TV Show Season 3 Links

Season 3, Episode 11 Links: Bianca and Brogan

episode 10 Bianca Amanda Bell on Facebook (1) (2)
Bianca Bell on Twitter
Bianca Bell on Instagram
Bianca Bell videos on YouTube
Bianca Bell on Soundcloud
Bianca Bell on Google+
Brogan Lynn Acaster on Twitter
Tia Denae on Facebook

Season 3, Episode 10 Links: Blake and Kendra

BlakeBlake McCarty on Twitter
Sara Grace Taylor on Twitter
Sara Ordo on Twitter

Season 3, Episode 9 Links: Jeff and Megan

episode 9 Jeff Cross on Facebook
Brandy Tittle on Twitter
Brandy Tittle on Facebook
Brandy Tittle on Instagram

Season 3, Episode 8 Links: Miranda and Cameryn

episode 8 Miranda Eastburn on Instagram
Miranda Eastburn on Facebook
Miranda Eastburn on Twitter
'That Miranda Girl' blog
Miranda Eastburn on OK Cupid
Gabrielle Moore on Twitter
Gabriel Moore on Facebook
Gabrielle Moore on

Season 3, Episode 7 Links: Solana and Elijah

Solana Solana Alvarez on Facebook
Solana Alvarez on Instagram
Solana Alvarez on Twitter
Solana Alvarez on YouTube
Solana Alvarez on PureStorm
The many faces (and hair colors) of Solana
Elijah Prok on YouTube
Elijah Prok on Twitter
Elijah Prok on Google+
Elijah Prok on Tumblr
Elijah Prok photos on Photobucket
Elijah Prok on Scene Kids
Elijah Prok on Facebook (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)

Season 3, Episode 6 Links: John and Kelsey

John and NevAdam Brines on Facebook
Adam Brines on Malibu Surfside News
"GDI Marketing System" being sold by Adam Brines
"Global Domains International" opportunity, sponsor is Adam Brines
"Income Opportunity" being sold by Adam Brines
References to more questionable online activities

Season 3, Episode 5 Links: Tracie and Sammie

Tracie and NevTracie Thoms on Twitter
Tracie Thoms on Facebook
Tracie Thoms on Instagram
Samantha Davis on Twitter
Samantha Davis on Instagram
Sammie's online journal on Tumblr
Samantha Davis on YouTube
Photos of "Sammie"
"Reese's" funeral video
Source of photo for "Reese"? - Black emo hairstyles
Reese on Twitter @TNTsheart (no longer active)

Season 3, Episode 4 Links: Lucille and Kidd Cole

Episode 4 LinksArticle - Mental evaluation ordered for alleged hip hop scammer
Kidd Cole on Twitter (1)
Kidd Cole on Twitter (2)
Kidd Cole on Twitter (3)
Kidd Cole on Instagram
Kidd Cole on Facebook (page 1)  (page 2)
Old Twitter account for Jerez Coleman
Official Jerez on YouTube
Video - Kidd Cole in Texas City
Kidd Cole Case Number: CR14F01050-00, Richmond City Circuit - Criminal Division (Case Lookup)
Kidd Cole arrested 5/27/15 on terror threats

Season 3, Episode 3 Links: Antoinette and Albert

Antoinette, Max and Nev T-Lights (Albert) on Twitter
T-Lights (Albert) on Instagram
The Twentys on Facebook
The Twentys on YouTube
The Twentys (T-Lights) on Soundcloud
Antoinette on Facebook (page 1)  (page 2)  (page 3)
Antoinette Cuccia on Twitter
Antoinette Cuccia on YouTube
Compilation video/pics of Antoinette on YouTube
Antoinette Cuccia on Vine
Antoinette Cuccia on Instagram (page 1)  (page 2)  (page 3)
Antoinette Cuccia on Iphoneogram
Antoinette Cuccia on (page 1)  (page 2)

Season 3, Episode 2 Links: Antwane and Tony

AntwaneAntwane Buntin on Facebook
Antwane Buntin 2005 mug shot
Carmen aka "Tony" on Facebook

Season 3, Episode 1 Links: Craig and Zoe

episode 1 Cassandra Rozmus on Facebook (1)
Cassandra Rozmus on Facebook (2)
Cassandra Rozmus on Twitter (1)
Cassandra Rozmus on Twitter (2)
Cassandra Rozmus on YouTube
Cassandra Rozmus on Glogster
Craig Durrance on Facebook