Catfish TV Show Season 2 Links

Season 2, Episode 15 Links: Mike and Caroline

Max, Nev and MikeMichael Bradley on Facebook
Michael Bradley on Instagram
Caroline Ledford on Facebook
Heather Padgett on Facebook
Heather Padgett on Twitter
Heather Padgett on Instagram
Heather's YouTube Videos

Season 2, Episode 14 Links: Keyonnah and Bow Wow

Max, Nev and KeyonnahKeyonnah Abrams on Facebook
Keyonnah Abrams on Google+
Keyonnah Abrams on Twitter (not verified)
Keyonnah Abrams on YouTube
Bow Wow on Facebook (official)
Dee Pimpen on Facebook
Dee Pimpen on Twitter
Dee Pimpen on Instagram

Season 2, Episode 13 Links: Derek and Kristen

Chasity and DerekDerek Reinwand on Facebook
Derek Reinwand on MySpace
Chasity Noneya on Facebook (not verified)

Season 2, Episode 12 Links: Nick and Melissa

Nick meets MelissaMelissa Lynn Higdon on Facebook
Melissa Lynn Higdon on Instagram
Melissa Lynn Higdon on MySpace
Melissa Higdon on Twitter
Olin Johnson on Facebook
Nick Lombardi on Facebook
Nick Lombardi on Twitter
Kerry Cale-Finnegan on Facebook

Season 2, Episode 11 Links: Aaliyah and Alicia

Alicia, Nev and AaliyahAaliyah Carney on Facebook
Aaliyah Carney on Instagram
Aaliyah Carney on Hope Collaborative site
Aaliyah Carney on Explore Talent
Aaliyah in video about abuse from teachers
Aaliyah in video claiming school made students panhandle
Aaliyah Carney on YouTube
Lawsuit and Settlement with City of Oakland
Alicia Davis on Instagram
Alicia Davis on YouTube

Season 2, Episode 10 Links: Ashley and Mike

Mike and AshleyAshley Nicole on Facebook
Mike Fortunato on Facebook
Sad news of Mike's death on 10/12/13

Season 2, Episode 9 Links: Artis and Jess

Justin and ArtisArtis Richardson on Facebook
"Jess Venny" on Facebook
Amor Hilton on Facebook
Justin Voel-Pel on YouTube (1)
Justin Voel-Pel on YouTube (2)
Online memorial for Justin's father

Season 2, Episode 8 Links: Jesse and Brian

Jesse meets Brian Jesse Sara Bettinger on Facebook
Jesse Sara Bettinger on MyLife
Jesse Bettinger on Twitter (1)
Jesse Bettinger on Twitter (2)
Brian Clark on Facebook
Robert Brian Clark mugshot

Season 2, Episode 7 Links: Mike and Kristen

Kristyn and Mike Kristyn Hillock on Twitter
Kristyn Nicole Hillock on Facebook
Kristyn Hillock on MyLife
Michael Marotte on Facebook

Season 2, Episode 6 Links: Jennifer and Skylar

Jenn, Nev and Bryan Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Facebook (1)
Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Facebook (2)
Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Instagram
Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Twitter
Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Google+
Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Tumblr
Jennifer Lynne Hubbs on Picasa
Xanga blog by Jennifer

Season 2, Episode 5 Links: Dorion and Jeszica

Dorion and Raffinee Dorion McMickens on Twitter
Dorion McMickens on Facebook (1)
Dorion McMickens on Facebook (2)
Dorion McMickens on Google+
Dorion McMickens on YouTube
Jeszica Monique Morrison on Facebook
Jeszica Monique Morrison on Twitter
Raffinee Harp on Facebook
Raffinee Harp on Google+
Raffinee Harp on YouTube
Alexis Renee on Instagram
Alexis Renee on Facebook

Season 2, Episode 4 Links: Lauren and Derek

Derek and Lauren Lauren Meler on Facebook
Lauren Meler on Twitter
Lauren Meler on Instagram
Lauren Meler on MySpace
Lauren Meler on Keek
Lauren Meler's mugshot
Lauren Meler on
Derek Shullenbarger on Facebook
Derek Shullenbarger on Twitter
Derek Shullenbarger on MySpace

Season 2, Episode 3 Links: Ramon and Paola

Ramon and Loyda Ramon Ponce on Facebook
Ramon Ponce on Twitter
Ramon Ponce on Instagram
Loyda Alejandra on Facebook
Loyda Alejandra on Twitter
Loyda Alejandra on Instagram
Paola Rodriguez on Facebook
Paola Rodriguez on Instagram

Season 2, Episode 2 Links: Anthony and Marq

Framel and Anthony Anthony on Twitter
Anthony on Facebook (1)
Anthony on Facebook (2)
Anthony on Tumblr
Anthony on MySpace
Marq Wells on Google+
Joshua HeartThrob Johnson on Facebook
Joshua HeartThrob Johnson on Twitter
Framel Wells on YouTube
Framel Wells on Facebook (1)
Framel Thompson on Facebook (2)
Framel Wells on Twitter
Framel Wells on MyLife

Season 2, Episode 1 Links: Cassie and Steve

Cassie and Gladys Cassandra "Cassie" Chery on Twitter
Cassandra Chery on LinkedIn
Cassandra Chery on Instagram
Gladys Stacy Leon on Twitter
Cassandra Chery mug shot
Article about the murder of Cassie's father in Haiti
Deonee Arnez on Twitter
Gladys' Cousin Tony on YouTube