Catfish Movie: Real or Fake?

Very Aware
CATFISH: Real or Fake? It's a fake...sort of.
Throughout the entire film it all felt fake to me, but after the movie was over and talking with my other film critic friends they were all baffled how I could think it was fake. That got me to thinking..."maybe it is real?!"
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Row Three
Catfish: Why the 'Hoax' is Probably Fake
The film passes my Turing Test of believability: the detective work of reading the minutiae of facial and body language and the tacit interactions captured on camera provided me no indication that the 'performance' in the film were anything but genuine.
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The Village Voice
Doc or Not, Catfish Is Stranger Than Fiction
My experience talking to "the boys" fits with Jarecki's description. They did not strike me as calculating or cynical enough to formulate a major media hoax. I believe them; I also believe that their film's non-fiction status has little to do with why it resonates.
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Untangling the "Catfish" hoax rumors
Those who feel that Nev's reaction fails the smell test are not giving the filmmakers, or the human capacity to believe highly improbable things, quite enough credit.
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