Catfish Movie Reviews

Sure enough, "Catfish" confirms your worst suspicions about virtual relationships, but it also reveals with surprising sensitivity some of the psychology behind those deceptions...
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Rotten Tomatoes
Whether it's real or not is irrelevant. Catfish is an amazing, tense, charming, soulful, utterly surprising portrait about technology and psychology.
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Rolling Stone
There's more killer suspense and shocking intimacy in this one-of-a-kind documentary than you'll find in a dozen thrillers. You'll be talking about this one for weeks.
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Roger Ebert
You can also view it as a cautionary tale about living your emotional life on the Internet.
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Time Magazine
We also see some things we might not expect from the Facebook generation. Kindness, for one. And chivalry.
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New York Times
"Catfish" is a fascinating document, at once glib, untrustworthy and strangely authentic.
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Entertainment Weekly
The film is a vérité-style meditation on the construction of personal identity in the age of friending, sexting, and otherwise living life by one's typing thumbs.
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TV Guide
Catfish is a fairly engrossing experience, driven by Nev's engaging if somewhat callow personality (he's an actor, whatever he may claim), and by a subject matter and presentation that authentically evoke contemporary notions of human interaction and privacy...
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It's when the boys get to Michigan that the movie goes from being a clumsily constructed video diary to a fascinating exploration of the deceptions?of self and others?made possible by the Internet.
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NY Mag
How do I write about the marvelous Catfish without giving away too much of its bizarre trajectory? Very carefully. It's a new-style narrative documentary that dramatizes the paradox of the Internet...
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Love it, hate it, reject it or embrace it, you?ll definitely want to talk about it. See you in the forums. You?ll have no trouble finding us. We?ll be the one in the blonde wig, answering to the name of Shirley.
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In Catfish, we see something different: this is a mystery film. Things occur in ways that we could never anticipate or expect.
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The Boston Globe
To 20-somethings for whom Facebook is an extension of their root-file personalities, it's a chilling, suspenseful ghost story; to their parents, it's a cautionary tale.
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A V Club
Catfish is absolutely riveting, and even nerve-wracking as Joost and the Schulmans get progressively closer to learning more about their "friends."
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Huffington Post
"Catfish," a clever new documentary about fantasy, desire, and the slippery place of truth online, is "The Wizard of Oz" for the Internet generation
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The Schulmans and Joost are excellent storytellers, and their plot twists engagingly. Definitely worth seeing!
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Common Sense Media
(The movie) manages to move forward with such momentum that we have no other choice but to ride along. And it perfectly captures what it's like to live and love and learn online.
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The Vine
It's a marvellous piece of filmic storytelling whose narrative deserves the same respectful critical mystery as any other film with a surprising twist.
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Tech Crunch
What should remain with you after seeing Catfish is how convincing the Facebook soap opera Wesselman pulled off could be to someone yearning for a human connection...
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Cinema Blend
As social networking becomes more and more a part of every day life for people of all ages, Catfish is a reminder that it's wise to wonder what's truly going on at the other end of the line.
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All you really need to know about Catfish heading into the film is this: A) it's scary, and you're likely to be on the edge of your seat during its second half; B) it's real, and anyone that tells you it isn't needs a swift and merciless beating; and C) it shouldn't be spoiled for anyone, and anyone that you meet that might be giving out clues or plot points to people who haven't seen the film should be immediately beaten.
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Los Angeles Times
"Catfish" morphs into something entirely unexpected: a tearjerker.
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