Catfish Movie Photos

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  • Abby


  • Angela

    Angela Wesselman

  • Abby


  • Abby's gallery

    Abby's gallery, 100 N. Main, Ishpeming, MI 49849

  • approaching Angela's door

    approaching Angela's door

  • at the beach

    at the beach

  • Angela's house

    Angela's house

  • beach

    at the beach

  • dancers

    Nev photographing dancers

  • drawing of Nev

    drawing of Nev

  • Megan


  • the guys driving

    3 filmmakers driving

  • Megan


  • Megan


  • Megan


  • Megan's house

    Megan's house, 4907 Country Road 426, Gladstone, MI 49837

  • Megan


  • Megan's band tee

    Megan's band tee, The Casualties

  • Nev and paintings

    Nev with portrait

  • Nev and Angela

    Nev and Angela

  • opening a box of paintings

    opening box of paintings

  • painting of Angela

    painting of Angela

  • Nev and Megan photoshopped

    Nev and Megan photoshopped

  • postcard to Megan

    postcard to Megan

  • reading texts

    reading racy texts

  • Angela sketching Nev

    Angela sketching Nev

  • talking to Megan

    talking to Megan

  • Vince

    Vince Pierce

  • sketching Nev

    Angela drawing Nev

  • wall of paintings

    wall of paintings

  • movie poster

    movie poster