Catfish Movie Characters

cast of charactersPartial cast of characters below

NevYaniv "Nev" Schulman
filmmaker, brother to Rel, in a relationship with Megan

ArielAriel "Rel" Schulman
filmmaker, brother to Yaniv

HenryHenry Joost

AngelaAngela Wesselman
mother of Abby, Alex and Megan

VinceVince Pierce
husband of Angela

AbbyAbby Wesselman
8-year-old painter, daughter of Angela and Vince

brother to Abby, played the band, "The Casualties"

MeganMegan Faccio
Nev's love, half-sister to Abby, artist, dancer (ballet, belly dance), musician (cello, guitar, piano, singer), worked as a vet, owned horses

JoelleJoelle Brookes
babysitter, sister of Joshua

JoshuaJoshua Brookes
Joelle's brother

RyanRyan Iverson
brother of Sarah Anne and Amy

Sarah AnneSarah Anne Iverson
sister of Ryan and Amy

AmyAmy Iverson
sister of Ryand and Sarah Anne

SethSeth Nylander

TimTim Hobbins
brother of Sophia

SophiaSophia Hobbins
sister of Tim


AnthonyAnthony Pierce
son of Vince Pierce, step-son of Angela

RonaldRonald Grant Pierce, deceased
(born 5/13/1989 - died 10/11/2008)
son of Vince Pierce, step-son of Angela

Other people mentioned on Facebook and in the film:
Stephen Wesselman
Krysta Lynn Wesselman
Kim Struk
Johan Churchill
Lilia (or Lydia) de Gregory
Stephen Schneider