Interview with Jose Navarro Sanchez of Season 6, Episodes 3 & 21 of Catfish

Jose Navarro SanchezThank you Jose (who has now appeared in TWO episodes of MTV Catfish) for granting us this mini interview to let us know how the experience was for you and what you're up to.

Q. In general, how was your experience appearing on Catfish?

A. On season 6 episode 3 it was very hard cause I didn't know how to confront Danny. I didn't know how he would of reacted towards me. By the time came and the day after I met him, he forgave me. I felt my life was going to be better. Then on season 6 episode 21 my love life came to an end but I still forgave.

Q. If you had it to do over, would you still appear on the show?

A. Yes I would cause Nev and Max and the producers were a big help to me.

Q. How has your life been impacted or changed by the show? (positively or negatively)

A. My life has changed. It taught me to learn how love myself and help myself. It showed me to stop online dating.

Q. What's new in your life since the show or what are you doing now?

A. I'm actually working and now becoming a YouTuber.

Q. What tips or warnings do you have for others in online relationships?

A. Stop now. You could get hurt. Meet someone local, someone you can actually see face to face. IDK it's complicated.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to tell your Catfish fans?

A. Yo my catfish fans I love y'all and thanks for reaching out to me to show your love and support. I love y'all.

Q. Do you have any comments regarding your appearance on Judge Judy?

A. Judge Judy you are mad disrespectful. In order to get respect, you have to give respect. She did not listen to part of the story. She didn't even take her time. She's forgetting she got sued herself and she's not a good judge. God forsake she's not even a real judge.

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