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Nev and Megan in Catfish the movieCatfish!  Have you seen the movie? And did you watch the first 5 seasons of the TV series on MTV? We're excited about Catfish Season 6 so far and are looking forward to more crazy episodes. Catfish the movie is a thriller. Even if you suspected what was coming around the bend in the first parts of the movie, the characters, suspense, humor and curiosity probably grabbed you as you followed the mystery unfolding to the end. The mystery of the TV shows is equally fascinating.

Catfish hosts Max and NevIn this age of online dating, Facebook friends and virtual relationships that develop quickly, both the movie and series are particularly relevant to our times. How much of that persona presented online is real? And after seeing the movie and watching the TV show, maybe we should reconsider how much we share online and how much we keep private.

The movie has not been without its controversies, with viewers questioning whether it was staged, recreated or just entirely fictional. Either way, if you're a Catfish movie or TV show fan like me, then this site is for you.

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Interviews with Jose Navarro Sanchez (NEW!), Samm Chocano, Jeanette Conner, Jennifer Hubbs, Trina the Natural, Jasmine Engelhardt, Aaron Estes, Sasha Ebony Love, and Matt Lowe, all stars of Catfish. See what they each had to say about their experiences on the show and what's new in their lives! More interviews to follow.

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